London mix! part 2

Second and last post with London pics!
(I know, flip flops are horrible but my feet were hurted after all the kilometers we walked the day before!)

Covent Garden

Trafalgar Square

Hyde Park

Inside Harrods (shopping again!)

I wore Nic's jacket, the weather wasn't good but cold :(

London Eye

Squirrels in Saint James Park :)

Good start of the week to everyone!
Buon inizio settimana a tutti!

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  1. I love squirrels! We have them at the Perth Zoo and legend has it if you live close enough and find one outside the boundaries, you're allowed to leave food for it, bring it inside, and have it as a (somewhat) pet as long as you leave it free, how cool is that! I live your white skirt too -
    Looks like you had an awesome trip - yay!
    <3 lily